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Equi-sun is a liquid solution based on enzymatically hydrolysed amino acids of plant origin.

It has a preventive action against sunburn caused by excessive temperature and solar radiation and is effective in preventing cracking of plant tissues caused by lack of cellular elasticity.

Mechanisms of action

Solar filter: Prevents sunstroke caused by excessive radiation and temperature, which leads to high evapotranspiration of the crop.

Anti-cracking: Prevents the appearance of fruits due to rapid epidermal growth.


  • Good fixation and water resistant with long persistence.
  • Does not stain the crop or fruit unlike traditional treatment.
  • Does not attract mites.
  • Increases photosynthesis resulting in better fruit quality.
  • Increases cell elasticity, preventing cracking.
  • Can be applied to all types of crops
  • Increases crop yield and reduces production costs.

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