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Viveflor Complet

Preservative for cut flowers with nourishing action. It increases the quality and duration of the flowers for twice as long.

The growing demand and concern of the market for products that respect health and the environment led a team of scientists from the CSIC to initiate a research project on a preservative for cut flowers in 1997.

Three years of research resulted in the development of VIVEFLOR COMPLET®, a highly effective floral preservative that is totally harmless to the environment and people. This is reflected in an invention patent granted in June 2002 by the O.E.P.M.

Deygest with the license of the CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas), an entity attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is the holder of a contract to exploit this patent for its manufacture and commercialisation worldwide.

Advantages and characteristics

  • It does not contain compounds that may be toxic to human health, the environment or animals, such as silver or aluminium.
  • Increased efficacy as a flower ageing retardant.
  • Viveflor Complet is free of compounds that may be toxic or pollutants to human health, the environment or animals, such as silver or aluminium.
  • Viveflor Complet inhibits the development of micro-organisms and keeps the water clean for up to 28 days.
  • Saves water and labour.
  • By maintaining the asepsis of the preservative solution, it prevents unpleasant odours and the clogging of the base of the stems by micro-organisms and algae.
  • Improved flower quality: it reduces the surface tension of the water, which promotes the rapid uptake of the entire nutrient complex to the base of the flower. This has a colour and brightness enhancing effect on the flower.
  • Stimulates uniform opening of the flower: constant energy supply.
    Does not stain the flower or the stems. Does not stain the water.
  • Viveflor Complet completely nourishes the calyx of the flower by supplying “in situ” the reserve energy that the flower needs.
  • Viveflor Complet can be reused.

Mechanism of action

Viveflor Complet is a systemic preservative that quickly reaches all ends of the flower.
By immersing the stems in the preservative solution, it inhibits the development of micro-organisms (fungi, bacteria, yeasts and algae), allowing the entire nutrient complex to rise to the base of the flower and supplying the flower with the reserves it needs.
Viveflor Complet prolongs the life of the flower by delaying the biosynthesis of ethylene (endogenous and exogenous) and allowing its aesthetic and decorative qualities to be preserved for much longer.


  • To prolong the commercial shelf life of ALL TYPES OF CUT FLOWERS: carnation, mini carnation, rose, lilium, gerbera, paniculata, gladiolus, aster, solidago, etc.
  • To increase the quality of the flower and the image in front of your customer.
  • To prevent and avoid the growth of microorganisms in the preservative solution.
  • To save money by being able to store it longer in storage and have much less flower waste.
  • To last much longer in the vase for the final consumer.

According to various tests carried out by the C.S.I.C. research team responsible for the development of the product, at a temperature of 21ºC VIVEFLOR COMPLET® increases the commercial life of the flower by 1.8 to 2 times compared to applications carried out with the stems submerged in water.

Dosage and mode of use

  • Apply 4-5 cc per litre of water = 1 capful per 6 litres of water.
  • The use of a dosing syringe is recommended.
  • Immerse the stems in the preservative solution for 10 cm.
  • If the stems have been immersed in water for three or more hours before the application of the Viveflor Complet preservative, it is recommended to cut the stems diagonally across the base by one centimetre in order to increase the assimilation of the preservative to the base of the flower.
  • IMPORTANT: always apply the dosage recommended by the manufacturer.
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Cut flower preservative.

Preservative for cut flowers with nutritive and anti-botrytis action.

Presentation: 1L, 5L.

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