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Magnesium-based fertiliser. Bird and wild boar inhibiting effect Inhibits the attraction of granivorous birds and wild boar in all types of crops.

Tukom produces crop inappetence on granivorous birds in the environment.

It is formulated with natural antioxidants and UVA protectors, which gives it a persistence of approximately 2-3 weeks.

Tukom is an environmentally friendly product that does not cause phytotoxicity and does not alter the taste or smell of food.

Mechanism of action

In the mating season, adult granivorous birds seek magnesium-deficient crops to achieve an excitatory state of the SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System) typical of the mating season.

Tukom incorporates a natural scent from magnolia that reminds them of the smell of predator nests, neutralising the birds’ attraction to the crop.

Crops treated with Tukom, a magnesium deficiency corrector, are much less attractive to granivorous birds, as its anti-gust and anti-olfactant effect creates an unpleasant environment for them to stay in.


As a corrector of magnesium deficiencies in magnesium deficient crops. To prevent the presence of phytophagous birds in crops.

Its application is recommended in all types of crops:

Vegetables in general.
Stone and pome fruit trees:

  • Nectarine
  • Apricot
  • Peach
  • Pear
  • Fig
  • Apple trees, …
  • Vineyard

Others: ornamentals, citrus, banana, olive trees, cereals,…

Dosage and application

Tukom is applied by foliar application at any phenological stage of the crop.
Apply at dusk, in spraying, at a dose of: 200-250 cc/hl.
With a minimum application of 2-2.5 l/ha.

Recommendations for use

Apply alone without mixing with other products.

Category: Product ID: 18083


Protects against damage from birds and wild boar.

Prevents the presence of birds and wild boar by inhibiting their attraction by smell.

Presentation: 1L, 5L.

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