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Supersystemik is a phytonutrient that enhances the ionic mobility of sap. It increases the assimilation of molecules and salts inside the cell, increasing the effectiveness of mixtures with all types of broths.

It is a 3 in 1 product:

  • Systemic cell penetrant
  • It has a buffer effect at pH 5 and also at pH 7.2.
  • Reduces surface tension
  • Mechanism of action

Formed by nanoparticles due to its low molecular weight, it has the capacity to pass through cell membranes, quickly reaching all parts of the plant.

Supersystemik reacts with the salts present in the water, correcting the pH and producing a buffer effect at pH 5 and also at pH 7.2. This increases the safety and efficacy of all kinds of applications.

Supersystemik reduces the surface tension of the water droplet and binds it uniformly to the plant tissue.


To improve the safety and efficacy of all types of application solutions, making them reach all parts of the plant quickly and uniformly.

Supersystemik is used in the following crops:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit trees in general
  • Citrus fruit
  • Vineyards
  • Cereals and alfalfa
  • Ornamentals and others
  • Dosage and application

Apply via foliar and/or root application, at a dose of 1 cc/litre of water, for all types of crops.

Recommendations for use

  • Do not mix with copper (can be mixed with the product COFRE).
  • Do not mix with sulphur.
  • Do not mix with hormonal herbicides.

Further information


Enhances the mobility of substances within the cell.

Presentation: 1L, 5L.

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